Tuesday, September 21, 2010


no, not a totally awesome concert.  a realization, an epiphany, if you would;

why has Marit's face been flipping out for the past week, getting progressively worse after being quiet for months?

the puppy has been getting antibiotics for the past week.  penicillin based antibiotics.  oh.  yeah.  what is Marit allergic to?  penicillin, you say? hmmm...

this, of course, assumes that i'll react to a penicillin through my skin.  if not, back to a very annoying square one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


'cause that's apparently what I am, having not blogged since March. you know. you blink, five months go by. eh.

So. five months, huh.

this is pretty much one of the best things ever.
Bought a Nook for my birthday. pretty sweet. only gripes so far are the occasional horrible conversion (I'm looking at you, Winds of Change.) and the fact that a good half of the books I wanted to get in ebook form are not currently available. why I thought an out of print book would be easily findable as an ebook, I'm not sure. not really the Nook's fault. Also, cashy money can disappear quite rapidly, which is not good. But they have a free book pretty much every week, which is great, but I'd really love for more of them not to be porn. wait, sorry- 'romance.' no, no, I stand by my earlier statement. porn. at the very least can I get some better written pr0nmances? for instance, if you're going to write about races of hunky greek gods and impending supernatural wars and your mild-mannered bookseller/child-of-prophecy/strip club server...research is your friend. so is a higher plot-to-porn ratio. I finished reading you because you were free and really, you have to be stunningly, amazingly, incredibly bad before I'll put you down unread. Banshee book, you were better. (also, less porn. coincidence?)


I had a whole bunch of cranky ems-related posts of the "Tips for Nurses, Patients, and Family Members" "Dispatch, I HATE YOUR FACE" and "I'm BLS, Bitch" nature, but I tend to write those in my head as the situation progresses and then I forget them when I'm back by the computer. And my phone doesn't like the blogger. could probably find a better app but too lazy.

Whose genius idea was it to make a washing machine that takes 45 minutes to run and a dryer that takes 70? I know, I know, I could probably make the dryer time shorter but I kind of like my pants to stay pants, not capris. still. when I'm faced with The Nigh-Insurmountable Mound Of Clothy Death I want to shove it all back into the hamper and call it the 'clean clothes' hamper. then I'd have to put my dirty clothes into the dresser. ah, but then I could, once the hamper became empty, wash the clothes in the dresser and then the hamper would become the dirty clothes bin again! ...no?

The Boy and I are certifiably insane. (this you knew already, I know.) But further proof will be coming Labor Day weekend in the form of a ridiculously cute fluffball husky puppy.

yes. I know. insane.

but he's ridiculously cute. so cute, in fact, we forgot to take a photo when we put down our deposit. but he looks kind of like this:
The cuteness. it destroys your brain. Our cats will never forgive us.

Anyway. and now, for something...completely different. Well, not really. it's just time to go grocery shopping so I can go grill some fucking asian bbq steaks with brown rice and peppers.

(confused? click the linky from the beginning.)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

wait, what?

sooooo our windows are definitely not insulated. how do I know this? IT'S FREAKING COLD. I could put on a sweater. or climb inside my tauntaun. or shut the blinds. but I'm lazy, and I like daylight, and I'm trying to finish a hat by...1400. keeeerap.

awaiting the ringidingy that tells me I get to go shell out a painful amount of cash and pick up my no-longer-broken car. What is it with Xterras recently? both Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have been bashed upon. Poor Charlie and Mandy. But! birthday festivities this weekend, and dad's coming down for chair hunting and foods, so I'm going to go take off my crankypants, watch some craig ferguson (dvr's a biiit full) and crochet my fingers off.


oh yeah....


ok, so maybe overdosing on finnish metal is what's really making the crankypants go away, and not any reall effort on my part. but, I mean...c'mon.

also...holy eyelashes, batman. I mean...damn. and I kinda feel like "I can play the keyboard while headbanging" should be a major marketable skill.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

made the mistake of listening to Who Puts His Trust today. after flipping through SEA pictures with Danber yesterday...bad idea.

really bad idea.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

curse you muses!

so just as I'm supposed to be knuckling down and getting that MOUND of fiber all spun up for my ravelympics project, I get mildly distracted by the thought of knitting a spectrum scarf.

and then, I'm (foolishly) bumming around Ravelry when someone links The Best Comic Ever in a thread talking about a genius who knit a different comic into a pillow, and its awesomeness, and it hits me: that comic isn't conducive to a pillow format, but...a scarf...


of course, now I have to shut down The Brain before it gets sidetracked. spin, marit. Spin. spiiiiinnnnnn....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



best. article. ever.