Saturday, June 17, 2006

hou? bu hoooooouuuuu!

done with first session!

whoooooooof. now it's on to the weekend, where it's time to
a: move into a different cabin (hooray! no living with the babies! I love them, they're cute, they're koselig, but...when they wake you up four times in one night (including once at 5am) because they're's not good for the bloodpressure.)
b: finish putting my beach together.
c: repaint the sign. (lifegaurd? guess I should have proofread the girls' english more than the norwegian...)
d: sleeeeeeeep
e: get my 'hooray you graduated from college' drink from my not-boss
f: sleeeeeeep
g: plan for what will be essentially 7 hours of activities about viking archaeology.
h: recharge for the next round, which begins on monday.

am confused about this shawly-shruggy pattern thing that I'm knitting. it says I should have 68 stitches after increasing 2 stitches per row over 21 rows after starting with 40 stitches. at this point I should have 10.5 inches of knitting.
it's not working either in my head or on my needles. eh. can't think about it at this point.

so my secret pal rocks my world. I think I sat and stared at my little book of michaelangelo sculptures for a long time slowly drooling before getting to the point when the brain goes "wait...that's...that's the dorsal radial marble...fzzzt"

talked to the boy today. i miss the boy.

ok. am tired. must sleep.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

back to civilization. sort of.

wa-ha. I have returned. (that's return-ed, not returned. my sense of drama demands it.) moved my stuff into my cabin (mostly)
planned for my language classes (sort of)
gotten a new fishtank for ovid (who is now named ovid ibsen) that probably won't be used until next weekend but who knows, we'll see...
and will shortly be putting out the lines for the beach. whee.

tomorrow the kids come and then whooooo we're off on a wild world of norwegian fun. I made a bouquet of roses for the kids in my cabin. once the world settles back into its routine I will be posting more frequently, although my english will probably fail miserably.