Wednesday, June 27, 2007

your what hurts?

the turnover rate for cute little coffee shops is sadly high- first we lost Cyber Bugs coffee/internet shop...and now Moos-a-Brew has become Cantabria Coffee Co, which is just not kitschy-cute enough.

I miss Pie in the Sky.

well, no...I miss Eric's baking. thaaaat's why I miss Pie in the Sky.

I have started on the tunic-tank top thing (T4). slightly terrified- I've now knit my 8 rows and my purl-hem-turning-row and now get to start on the T4 itself....eep. it's been too hot to knit on anything else- although I finished my Jayne Hat (for me, this time!) and wore it a few days ago, to the confusion of the small children and the amusement of my fellow counselors- so the giant shawl of doom is still in its baggie.

I'm living with three other counselors who are working all summer, which means we get to live in a cabin to ourselves and get to be 'aunts' to a different cabin. I'm an 'aunt' to the credit girls, which is pretty entertaining. today we're going to have a Stavanger Hunt (if you mispronounce Stavanger, which is a city in southern norway as well as the name of our cabin, you get something that sounds like scavanger) ending up back at the cabin for a brief film. Then us 'aunties' are going to have our own cabin evening together. muahaha. popcorn and apples to apples.

It's my free day today, so I got to sleep in late and have no responsibilities whatsoever- except for making sure my responsibilities are covered by other people. so far so good, although the post office has hidden itself from me so Kim will have to deal with not having actual 90 cent stamps.

I miss the boy.

I hope my dad is remembering to feed the fish. he's got 14 day feeders, so there's not much that can go wrong.

My computer has a cold. That, or it seriously hates me and is possessed by anti-me spirits. it decides to freeze and die, and then it won't turn on repeatedly until it decides to turn on and load windows fully. I'm starting to consider considering (how's that for decisiveness?) looking for a new laptop. something tiny. and functional. and tiny. Adam's little flippy tablet thing, for example, although that's definitely more money than I'd want to spend...

mom's random text message is still bothering me. it involves my birthday present and an injunction to not purchase anything major online...what does it mean?! bah.

I have a 5 dollar coupon to borders/waldenbooks and I can't use it because it expires on the 30th and the closest thing I've got is a b. Dalton, which is barnes and noble- although I do have a gift card to them, which is happy. if I can find it.