Sunday, July 30, 2006


funwithyarn update tonight! eeee! fun yarn and planting trees. mmmmm....

almost the end of free weekend. ah well. the kids are watching movies, I'm finishing cleaning our downstairs workroom, (and watching funwithyarn like a hawk), and in a few minutes I'll probably drive back into town because I forgot an s-video cable. again. sigh. nicely relaxing day, though, and clean clothes, which are always go.

mmm...funwithyarn. I don't think I should be allowed on this website. ok. time to get back into town.

finishing touches on secret pal mondo-package yay. guilt level is dropping.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

tomorrow is fun with postage and errands! whee!

1. What is your favorite season?
fall, by all means.

2. Where is or would be your favorite place in the world to take a vacation?
whuf. at this moment, I'd love to head back to northern norway and chill on skoddevarre or raipas.

3. If you could have any job in the world and not worry about finances (everything would be taken care of), which means you'd be doing something you actually like, what would it be?
evig student (eternal student)- minus the requirements

4. What is your favorite project to knit or crochet?
wristlets, exploratory scarves or crocheting slippers

5. What is your favorite food - whether it be a main dish, dessert, snack, whatever?
pad thai or salmon onigiri

6. What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?
book, hammock, shade, slight breeze.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

if you've got a few minutes you should head on over to, should.

and I have fought the computer again and failed. next step: hunt down an S-video cable. I don't know why they have to reformat my harddrive if all they have to do is replace an LCD screen...but...I do know that if I don't back it up, they will format it, and then I'd have to just go completely insane and then I'd never get weekend passes. sigh.

note: elsebet and dagmar are not allowed in barnes and noble together. ever.
at least without alarm clocks.

but now it's bedtime. happy first-day-of-married-bliss to Laila and TRB (tall redheaded boy, otherwise known as Dominic. they're so cute.)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

whoooo overtired

proverbial good news and bad news:
I don't have to be at the badestrand (beach) for this week and maaaaybe for next week (if I can swing it), which is good, but relinquishing my control of the badestrand is difficult, especially when things aren't running efficiently but you don't want to say "well...I did it this way..." even though that way is better because that's not very polite nor condusive to happy relations.

8 year olds with power tools. oooh, man.
child: "why can't I use the saw?" (10 inch circular saw, that is)
me: "*cringe*....because I'm mean."
child: "oh. Why can't I use the drill on my own?"
me: "see previous statement."
child: *blink* "...what?"

I can't remember if I talked about my new fish or not. I got another fish because I fell in love with him and his coloring; a more typical goldfish body than ovid's (I think he was a fantail or an oranda) that was bright orange with a black dorsal stripe from his forehead to the tips of his caudal fin. I brought him home two weeks ago and named him Cicero, because he was sort of cranky and flourishy when he swam.

Cicero has succumbed to the triumvirate. he was fine, and then he was sitting on the bottom being very inactive. my book said he was either going to be fine because he just had indigestion or he was going to die of some obscure disease. I was hoping for the former, but...sånn er livet. at least he gets to stay at camp now.

my secret pal rocks. she sent me yarn and coffee and chocolate, which as far as I'm concerned are the fundamental building blocks of life. forget carbon and oxygen and all that jazz. the temptation to not finish the Dr Who behemoth (7.5 feet now!) is rising almost faster than I can beat it back; especially with fun new yarn to play with and weaving stuff that is sitting in a box calling to me and that I'm only holding back because I never have time to set it up. it always comes down to sleep or setup. sleep or setup. sleep pretty much always wins because sleep is...sleep. and speaking of which...that's where I'm headed.


Sunday, July 09, 2006


so we're mildly obsessed right now with Raske Menn's "worlds history in 5 minutes" and it has inspired me to update in its style.

I love my cabin. my girls are great. yaaaaay! (hou)
even though the evening program last night was way hectic and stressful the kids loved it. yaaaay (slightly buhou)
taekwondo really does help your life perspective. (hou)
the best activity plans always come just late enough at night that you think you can do it and still get to bed at a decent hour...but then take 2 hours to do. (both hou and buhou)
murphy's law hates me. I left my laptop sitting on the table in our staff lounge; realized that it was in the lounge as I was crawling into bed and it was raining and uck so I decided it'll be ok. it'll survive. got to the staff lounge this morning and it was sitting on the couch. I grumble- soft surface plus heat equals bad- and set it on the table. I decide to check my email quickly (I've got a few minutes before breakfast) and open the screen.

*pause for dramatic effect, supply your own sound effects/music*

the LCD screen is cracked and broken. dead. kaput. one of two things happened;
(my usb port is on the left side; I don't have a lefty mouse so I put the mouse across the top of my keyboard to use it on the right. I have a retracty travel mouse, so there's a hard little plasticky thing midway through the cord.)

A)someone decided to close the laptop and move it to the couch as they washed the table and decided to close it all the way despite the resistence of the hard plasticky thing

B) someone decided to close the laptop and move it to the couch as they washed the table and then proceeded to sit on it absentmindedly.

regardless. I'm mostly over the pain now, more into the pain of "don't think warranty covers/ not sure if insurance still exists/ ohgodthisisgoingtobepainfully'spensive..."

but. Oyvind is here, which is definitely a yaaaaaaaay. (definitely hou.)
my goal is to have the DR who scarf done by end of next month. this month, I mean.

mom's getting me a package of fun happy weaving stuff. yay!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

definitely buhou.

ok, first I must apologize to my SP because I have been horribly lax in updating this and in thanking for the postcard. in my defense...this past session has been hell. suffice it to say that we had 14 girls between the ages of 8 and 11 all with the attention span of a drunken moth with ADHD for 2 weeks. but it wiiilllll be better, because I have purchased a hammock.

That's right. Ei hengekøya. ei? eller er det en? vet'ka.

curse my latte. tastes so good but makes not sleepy and reaaaally should sleep.

but yaaaay elsebet's here so I'm not the only lifeguard and I finally might get to do stuff that I really want to do as opposed to stuff that I like to do but not constantly.

and yaaaay I have a new fish. his name is (for now, anyway) cicero. I think it's going to stick. It's sort of a ridiculous name for such a small fish (I think he'll ultimately prove himself to be an oranda because his forehead is all bubbly although the label on the tank said fantail comet, so I'm not sure) but that's what makes it perfect, because marcus tullius cicero is sort of ridiculous. y'know? so now I've got ovid and cicero, although for now cicero might be ibsen since that's the theme of camp this year.

have laid aside the confusing shruggy shawly thing for now and am plodding away at the Dr Who scarf remixed. hopefully done by end of this two week session. inshallah.

arg I just remembered that while I moved all my stuff out of stavanger and into molde I neglected to unpack it and all that jazz. buhou. buuuuhouuu.

I don't understand how june bugs survive all this suicidal divebombing of screens and walls. bzzzzzzzzzuzzzzzzzzuzzzzTHUDstaggerstaggerbzzzzz...bizarre.

bought an amazing coffeecup at the bemidji craft faire today. it's very pretty. and huge. huuuge. and Lars and I saw the best sticker ever on a stop sign today. I'll post the picture of that and the tree named Jenn tomorrow if I get a chance.

here's an amusing thing: my list of stuff from my last posting.
a: move into a different cabin
b: finish putting my beach together.
c: repaint the sign.
d: sleeeeeeeep
e: get my 'hooray you graduated from college' drink from my not-boss
f: sleeeeeeep
g: plan for what will be essentially 7 hours of activities about viking archaeology.
h: recharge for the next round, which begins on monday. 2 weeks; a, b, d, f, and h were accomplished. g was sort of accomplished. I've actually now accomplished 'a' twice by moving back into molde.
so list for these weeks?
a: repaint the sign
b: not go crazy
c: reformat movie to put on website
d: organize extreneous crap for eventual removal
e: get my run-pilates workout schedule going
f: plan g again.
I'm sure there's more but that's enough for now.

I think I should drag myself off to bed. the coffee's wearing off, my sentence structure is starting to get odd and the languages are warring in my head and I'm not quite done with cleaning out my cubby and restoring some semblance of order before chaos descends again and I still have to make my bed. yep. breakfast tomorrow morning (this morning) at 9. woo...