Sunday, July 09, 2006


so we're mildly obsessed right now with Raske Menn's "worlds history in 5 minutes" and it has inspired me to update in its style.

I love my cabin. my girls are great. yaaaaay! (hou)
even though the evening program last night was way hectic and stressful the kids loved it. yaaaay (slightly buhou)
taekwondo really does help your life perspective. (hou)
the best activity plans always come just late enough at night that you think you can do it and still get to bed at a decent hour...but then take 2 hours to do. (both hou and buhou)
murphy's law hates me. I left my laptop sitting on the table in our staff lounge; realized that it was in the lounge as I was crawling into bed and it was raining and uck so I decided it'll be ok. it'll survive. got to the staff lounge this morning and it was sitting on the couch. I grumble- soft surface plus heat equals bad- and set it on the table. I decide to check my email quickly (I've got a few minutes before breakfast) and open the screen.

*pause for dramatic effect, supply your own sound effects/music*

the LCD screen is cracked and broken. dead. kaput. one of two things happened;
(my usb port is on the left side; I don't have a lefty mouse so I put the mouse across the top of my keyboard to use it on the right. I have a retracty travel mouse, so there's a hard little plasticky thing midway through the cord.)

A)someone decided to close the laptop and move it to the couch as they washed the table and decided to close it all the way despite the resistence of the hard plasticky thing

B) someone decided to close the laptop and move it to the couch as they washed the table and then proceeded to sit on it absentmindedly.

regardless. I'm mostly over the pain now, more into the pain of "don't think warranty covers/ not sure if insurance still exists/ ohgodthisisgoingtobepainfully'spensive..."

but. Oyvind is here, which is definitely a yaaaaaaaay. (definitely hou.)
my goal is to have the DR who scarf done by end of next month. this month, I mean.

mom's getting me a package of fun happy weaving stuff. yay!