Friday, August 29, 2008

sometimes I despair...

People. Vaccinate your kids.

lemme say it again. Vaccinate. your. kids.

for god's sake- I thought I'd heard the worst possible pseudoscience-informing-policy bullshit, but nope.

don't read the comments. it's bad for your blood pressure.

don't believe me? someone stated that antibodies aren't around anymore because of vaccines, and that's why we're seeing measles etc etc outbreaks.




the whole point of vaccines is that you create antibodies in response to it! Edward Jenner is spinning in his grave enough to power the entire eastern seaboard.

if you can't vaccinate your kid because of autoimmune issues or the like, then fine! be glad that (hopefully) most of the kids your kid will encounter won't be likely to pass along an illness to your kid. if you don't want to vaccinate your kid, then don't bitch when you get kicked out of day care, school, play group, or whatever. if you have the freedom to do something, you have the freedom to experience the consequences. deal. with. it. if you can't vaccinate your kid because you can't afford it, then let's organize a takeover and go hold the government hostage until they put in some USEFUL healthcare, like, say, total coverage until the age of 18, free.

(hi, homeland security! yes, I did just use the words 'hostage' and 'govenment' in the same sentence. oops! did it again! neener neener neener.)

Monday, August 25, 2008


the pertinent part of this little clip is the quote at 0:55.

tomorrow between 1400 and 1800 we get to pick up our new kitteh. he is little and fluffy and stripèd and cute. the woman at the animal shelter saw us playing with his buddy, who kept trying to escape, and when we said we were interested in adopting not him, but his buddy, she went "oh! but..." and I said that since the other little cutie was so outgoing, he would certainly win someone over quickly, and that we'd had experience with a shy fluffball. (and in my brain I said "and the one we want is preeeeetty.)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

time moves too slowly....

February 2009.

Dana Stabenow is deliberately torturing me.

April 2009.

So is Jim Butcher.

February AND April, 2009.

Carrie Vaughn is evil for making me wait so long but sainted for getting two books out in one year.

Unknown, 2009.

S.L. Viehl has a new Stardoc coming out.

I do hate it when authors kill off their main characters. still. She hasn't pissed me off as much as Jennifer Roberson did, so I'll keep looking forward to her books. (that sounds terribly...I dunno. snotty? I know full well that sometimes the characters don't do what you want them to do, and that the authors in question are not writing their books for my personal pleasure. It's just...I liked Cherijo, not memory-wiped-weird-not-cherijo-Jarn. I don't quite 'get' her. Maybe the next book will make me better like her.)

October 2008.

Mercedes Lackey still loves me.

Apparently Mercedes Lackey's dream cast for some of her characters includes Sting as Firesong and David Bowie as Falconsbane.

Vanyel? Johnny Depp.
Oh yeah. I'd go see that movie. well. those movies.
About as fast as I'd go see Johnny Depp as Crowley in Good Omens.

November 2008.

Laurell K Hamilton's next Meredith Gentry book is out. Hopefully this series won't follow the same path as the Anita Blake series.

June 2008.

WHAT. lies! I haven't seen Shadows Return anywhere! Lynn Flewelling, there's a gummint consp'rrcy keeping me from your goodness!

ahem. er. anyway. there's also a new one in the summer of 2009.

Jacqueline Carey has a ton of new books out, but it's been too long since I read her first series and as I recall, they were ...dense. in a good way. but still. not easily picked up and put down, like...say...on BART. or AC transit.

Spring 2009?

More Mary Russell from Laurie R King?
we can but hope.


Ok. Blogger is officially pissing me off now. why does one line- four words- of non transliterated hebrew make my layout go all manner of wonky? sigh. Unfortunately, it's hit my stubborn button, so I will win. even if it kills me.

Here's the thingie from kateswiegehts. again.

yadda yadda
use random music player, boo stupid format restrictions, first line of each song, I hate blogger, friends guess, yadda update when they guess right.

stupid blogger.

1. Open your eyes undo the seem
2. If you wanna hang out you've got to take her out.
3. La lune, trop blanc,
4. It begins to tell
5. Well I'm getting up now
6. She's got her halo and wings
7. Det er meldt regn så til de grader
8. They told him don't you ever come around here
9. Just a little bit stronger
10. Halleluja! Halleluja! Halleluja! (again. mom's the only one getting this one.)
11. I think we need an agent
12. She's alright but sometimes she's so wrong
13. DJ please
14. The mama pajama rolled out of bed
15. Parkeringsvakt vær fornuftig nå
16. Hot hot hot sweat sweet
17. Mai-ia-hii mai-ia-huu mai-ia-ha mai-ia-haha (the 'numa song' ain't gonna cut it.)
18. Stars are out tonight
19. Youth culture
20. Od yavo' shalom aleinu (I HATE YOU BLOGGER.)
21. Vi- vi kunne fly
22. Oh Maria Maria
23. How can the small flowers grow if the wild winds blow and the cold now is all around
24. Wandering child so lost so helpless
25. Take away the sensation inside
26. Hei lå li lå lå lå lå lååååå lå lå lå lå lååå lå lå lå lå leeei lå (um....good luck.)
27. Fox in the snow
28. Pardon me while I burst
29. Gloria nomeus jesu'kristo
30. This ain't a song for the broken hearted

stupid meme not allowing the true version of this 30 song thing cause I can't represent lyricless songs. like THE BEST SONG EVER. but I can't find it online and I'm too lazy to (or not annoyed enough) to faithfully recreate the previous post. go buy this. right now.

# 30 is for Grambo. OF course.


I think I broke the blog. At least the formatting thereof. I took away the hebrew! what's the deal, bloggie me boy?

I planted the figs today! finally. the wild turkey fig has three little figlets, the panache...has lots of pretty green leaves. here's hoping that it's not one of the wasp-pollinated figs, cause figs for me.

the passionflower has its own pretty pot AND trellis, so it's no longer grasping for anything like legs, bikes, other plants, the me, it was the Plant of Doom.

I discovered the Fine Living Network runs the original japanese Iron Chef. it is awesome.

unless you discover this during Battle Cuttlefish.



wow. So. non-anglicized hebrew makes blog hurty.

fixy tomorrow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

yeah, right, bracing, uh-huh.

Bracing For Inflation. ....bracing? really? Let's look at what we were paying for gas a few months ago: 5.10. 5.10!
Five-teeen, fiveten! *cue Grosse Point Blank "ten...years! ten years! quote...go*

a little late, guys.

but. but. but. he. ehehe. ehehehehe.
so I was trying to find a clip on youtube of the aforementioned "ten...years! ten years!" quote, since I'm sure no one but my mother is going to understand it, but found this instead.

and it made me giggle like a fiend, so I share it, as a balm to the soul.



also: two things. 1) Ho. Lee. Shit. 2) ...waaay too much time on your hands, dude. but I bow to your epic patience and fiddly nature.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why YouTube is bad.

and why The Boy should not be allowed free reign thereover.

and this is what started it all.

although you can blame me for this one.

because....oh, I don't need a reason.


what? google maps doesn't know where something is?!

is true. I finally called my ride-along and said " don't exist. how do I get to you by ungodly early tomorrow?" (I paraphrase.) Talked to someone at the main office, got transferred to someone else, then was told it's just off the freeway exit. which means it's about 1.3 miles away. biking took me 11 minutes, although I sat at the stoplight FOR EVER before gritting my teeth and biking through the red light.

add "stoplights that only run off of sensors" to the Hate List.

as I got there, the only way I saw that I was at the right building was the giant 'am-ba-laince' (oh, orvis/scott, you crack me up) pulling out of it. I got a very strange look from the driver, which said "um...why is there a girl on a bike in a glowing orange shirt that says "stay out of work, stay out of trouble, stay out of jail" on it? guys?"

I biked away without further interaction.

Someone's car "I'm locked now" beep sounds exactly like the cop car "watch it" siren beep. it's very unnerving.

On my way home I stopped at the general storelet and got a cherry garcia bar. mmmm. ben and jerry's = awesome. Ate it while wandering around on the dock, and spotted two moon jellys (one fresh, one...not so fresh) washed up on the rocks, so I meandered back to the mom and children eating their ice cream (popular idea, y'know) and mentioned that they were there, should they desire. last thing I heard walking back to my bike was "Whoaaaaa! they're huuuuuge!" and "eeeew!" and "we should take it home and show dad!"

my evil biological oceanography plan is furthered by such baby steps...muahahaha...

I realized that almost none of my current knitting projects are on ravelry. will fix that. eventually.

shrooms = bad.

don't do shrooms. or if you do, don't come to my ER. I'm just sayin'.

feet. so. hurty.

ate lunch at cafe on Tgraf. good. pulled pork sammich. got lemon ice freezy thing at different cafe, which was original destination, but had only fried chicken or egg salad sandwich for foods and we wanted something else. was also good.

found yarn store! not open mondays, though, which was sad.

sleep now.

Monday, August 18, 2008



Clinical in T-4 hours. I am suitably attired in Icky Uniform Pants of Death (mmm, polyester...) and Pseudo-Official Polo of Presentableness. (a stretch. I know. but it's not that bad of a polo, so 'of Poo' (which came to my mind first) isn't applicable)


since I am feeling squicky because they didn't tell us anything about what was expected of us, I am also sporting one of my favoritest tshirts ever:Best. Basketball. Team. Ever!

well, actually, not even remotely. Still. I loves it.

it's 23:59... you know where your fiance is?

mine is chasing the cat around the apartment.


the cat.

and peering over the couch at it, daring it to leap at him, and then whining when there's divots left in the leather (stuff it in your sock-hat and eat it, PETA) from The Kitteh launching himself off of / over.

So. Strange.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I made (a tiny percentage of) this!

Not only is the Pratchgan finished and given unto The Pterry in person by The Seamstress to beat all seamstresses (that's seamstress as in sewing, not, y'know, a seamstress), Cherryred- but it is written of! in teh interwebs! in Spamish! (spain, sir.) Spanish! на русском языке!

in the San Francisco Examiner! (well, the online version thereof. still.)

in completely unrelated news, I was attacked by Meow Mix while making lackluster chicken carbonara, and The Kitteh was pleased.

Knitting on Sweeney Todd progresses nicely.
Knitting on Amber's Scarf progresses...not at all, because I still can't decide why I don't like it. I may have to (shame) frog it. Which would be A Pain In The Ass because I knit it in sections, lengthwise, being paranoid that I'd run out of yarn, then grafted them all together while I was Playing With AC Transit, my absolutely favorite activity ever. Not.

Have my clinical tomorrow. am nervous. have no idea what to expect, and am not exactly sure where I'm going, since there are two "Alta Bates" hospitals near Telegraph that aren't Alta Bates Summit. (because otherwise there would be three.) luckily, I get to eat food and drink coffee with Steph beforehand.

look! Kitty! (this is not our Kitteh) .....yet.

if it doesn't work...add more legos.

So I've discovered another great knitting blog. Crazy Aunt Purl. and in reading through the archives, I have wanted to laugh out loud (but have restrained myself, since The Boy would be greatly confused if I were to try to explain and I'm sort of trying to keep him around and not scare him off, y'know)

but still. Today, I read this:

Up 'til now I have been using the paleolithic method of laundry, where the heat and pressure from the top of the pile cleans the clothes at the bottom of the pile. No diamonds emerged, but the socks did band together and try to stage an insurrection.

Hilarious. and I am guilty as charged of attempting the same.

You should go check her blog out.

also? Eomer is hot.

and one of the things I like best about the Lord of the Rings movies is the little tiny facial expressions that last only for a second- like Aragorn's "oh, look...orcs...I shouldn't...but...oh, hell, why not, let's go have some fun" at the top of the hill before the Fellowship splits up, and Legolas's glance of "Are you f*cking kidding me? I mean, I know, I'm the Piratical Elfboy of Troy, but still..." before he runs up the elephant-that-is-not-an-elephant-oliphant-thing.

(The Boy and I have been watching the Trilogy, if you couldn't tell.)

I still miss Tom Bombadil.

Oh, and this: LEGOS!

because "...if something doesn't work [is to] add more Lego stormtroopers..." as says Mike Stimpson.

Friday, August 15, 2008

tee hee.

I particularly like how I'm 75% of all the following: Vimes, Carrot, Vetinari, The Librarian, and Nanny Ogg. All of them. Together. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I'm sure it's quite entertaining for further psychiatric assessment.

Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)
created with
You scored as Commander Samuel Vimes

You are Samuel Vimes! Captain of Ankh-Morpork’s city Watch! You are a knight, married to the very wealthy, noble lady Sybil Ramkin. You often walk the streets at night, and are able to tell where you are by the feel of the cobbles under your boots. You always do what is right – that is, what needs to be done – to keep the city safe, even when it seems bad.

Carrot Ironfounderson


Commander Samuel Vimes


Lord Havelock Vetinari


The Librarian


Gytha (Nanny) Ogg


Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax






Cohen The Barbarian




My clinical is Monday, and my ride-along is Wednesday. The Universe is making up for the extreme delay in getting my paperwork processed. Let's just hope that extends to the NREMT and jobhunting as well. hm?

Monday, August 11, 2008


I had my dates wrong. I have until April 09 until my next Dresden fix.

Sad panda.

Amber's scarf needs something. I'm afraid it's going to turn out to be beads.

your first glimpse of mountaaaaaaaaaains:this mad-looking little bird. chirping away, greatly indignant that I was daring to take his picture. I like the look of crazy in his eyes, although I think he's altogether too dry-looking for such a damp day.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

cats. strange. yes.

Rereading Small Favor. Dresden + Oceanography = WIN.

Why the Kitteh is strange, Part...whatever. I'm sitting in The Ancient Black Pleather Armchair Monster, wrapped up in a blanket, either getting sucked into the depths of Ravelry or getting bashed upon by giant stinky bears/cougars/minotaur lords in Oblivion. The Kitteh decides that the computer is consuming too much of my attention, and jumps up onto the arm of the chair. He then proceeds to walk across the keyboard, stick his butt in my face, then flop down monorail-cat-style on the other arm of the chair.

This is not exciting enough, though, despite a few half-hearted bats at the mouse, so he jumps up to the back of the chair and bats at my head, then stares intently at the totally blank wall and makes the strange "I want that" cat noises. at nothing. no bug, no spider, no bird sounds...just blank, sort of egg nog colored wall.

Still boring. He then jumps back to the arm of the chair, steps on the laptop again, claims the corner and attempts to bite the corner of the screen, glares at me when I flick my finger at him, then proceeds to nudge my arm out of the way, burrow and paw his way around and through the blanket, and go spelunking behind me. But he can't really go that far, since I'm leaning back, and instead settles for turning around and hunkering down, only the tip of his nose showing.

But even this is boring, so he nudges and pokes his head out, taking up a sphinx-like position and staring intently at my computer screen. see?Then: sudden excitement! some piece of carpet fluff catches his eye and he leaps for it, digging all razor-sharp Claws Of Doom into my leg in the process, and is clearly highly entertained by the squeaky noises made by moi. He was later banished to prevent further Knitting Disaster.

as I'm writing this, The Boy is torturing The Kitteh with the laser pointer and a pop-up frisbee. and he's also torturing Aurelius the goldfish, who keeps trying to eat it whenever a drive-by laser ends up in the fishtank.