Saturday, August 09, 2008

cats. strange. yes.

Rereading Small Favor. Dresden + Oceanography = WIN.

Why the Kitteh is strange, Part...whatever. I'm sitting in The Ancient Black Pleather Armchair Monster, wrapped up in a blanket, either getting sucked into the depths of Ravelry or getting bashed upon by giant stinky bears/cougars/minotaur lords in Oblivion. The Kitteh decides that the computer is consuming too much of my attention, and jumps up onto the arm of the chair. He then proceeds to walk across the keyboard, stick his butt in my face, then flop down monorail-cat-style on the other arm of the chair.

This is not exciting enough, though, despite a few half-hearted bats at the mouse, so he jumps up to the back of the chair and bats at my head, then stares intently at the totally blank wall and makes the strange "I want that" cat noises. at nothing. no bug, no spider, no bird sounds...just blank, sort of egg nog colored wall.

Still boring. He then jumps back to the arm of the chair, steps on the laptop again, claims the corner and attempts to bite the corner of the screen, glares at me when I flick my finger at him, then proceeds to nudge my arm out of the way, burrow and paw his way around and through the blanket, and go spelunking behind me. But he can't really go that far, since I'm leaning back, and instead settles for turning around and hunkering down, only the tip of his nose showing.

But even this is boring, so he nudges and pokes his head out, taking up a sphinx-like position and staring intently at my computer screen. see?Then: sudden excitement! some piece of carpet fluff catches his eye and he leaps for it, digging all razor-sharp Claws Of Doom into my leg in the process, and is clearly highly entertained by the squeaky noises made by moi. He was later banished to prevent further Knitting Disaster.

as I'm writing this, The Boy is torturing The Kitteh with the laser pointer and a pop-up frisbee. and he's also torturing Aurelius the goldfish, who keeps trying to eat it whenever a drive-by laser ends up in the fishtank.

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