Tuesday, May 29, 2007


felt somewhat like a machine, finishing so many projects- Dr Who, my Saami shawl, a Jayne hat of my very own (okay, okay, so I need one more tassellet- it's done), a little cell phone carrier in the shape of a jayne hat, and the recycled silk sweater.

oh, the recycled silk sweater, which shall henceforth be known as...the Turtle Net Sweater.

why? you might ask...well, here's how it is:
Turtle Net: 100 meters of 3in square mesh gillnet. hellishly difficult to repair. unending.
Recycled Silk Sweater: many meters of yarn turned into a sweater of triangular mesh. hellishly difficult to repair/seam/rip/etc. seemingly unending.
plus, one half magically has a different colorbase than the sleeves and the other half. one is clearly warm-predominant, while everything else is cool-predominant. sigh.

therefore, recycled silk sweater = Turtle Net Sweater. evil. shudder.

but oh well. two more days with the boy and then it's off to camp. eyep. the madness shall ensue again.

and check this out!

Telemark PrOn!

man, I want to be skiing right now.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

ook. or perhaps that should be eek.

today I discovered something that is both highly entertaining and somewhat...disturbing.
you, yes, you yourself can now own your own personal Librarian. That's librarian in the Terry Pratchett sense- your own soft, cuddly little mechanical/electronic orangutang to feed bananas to.

finished the David Weber/John Ringo series consisting of March Upcountry, March to the Sea, March to the Stars, and We Few. quite entertaining, and now I have to reread them all because as I'm reading along in We Few I come across this phrase: "...Dark 'Lord' of the Sixth" in reference to an admiral of the Sixth Fleet. I chuckled to myself and went, "ok, kind of cheesy, but no way would I have been able to resist, were I writing this book. "
then someone on the other side of the fight curses "Dark Helmut" (the aformentioned dark lord of the sixth, who gets dubbed that at least 3 times that I remember).
and a tac team quotes the wizard of oz (I'm melting, I'm melting! and follow the yellow brick road).
and there's an alien flying a fighter designated Red Six.
and someone says "I'm from the IBI. I'm here to help you," which immediately dropped Mark Hamill's face into my brain saying "I'm luke skywalker, I'm here to rescue you!" (even though that's a mite thin).
and someone has a quote from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, ('fell deeds await! now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn!') referenced as coming from 'an ancient human history.
and then, not 50 pages from the end of the book...a defense captain for the good guys sings these words: "fifteen thousand tears I've cried. . .Screaming deceiving and bleeding for you.." and I about died. Evanescence in spaaaace! I love it.

I loved all of it. I had a brief thought that maybe it was too much, but no- no way. it didn't distract from the world, or from the experience created by the authors. and who is to say that, 1500 years in the future when the navy is a space navy and we've met aliens and colonized other worlds that people still aren't reading Tolkein, or consider him to be history, or listening to evanescence or watching star wars? okay, maybe not. still. it was enough to make me want to be all fan-girly and write an email to the authors (David Weber and John Ringo, if you've forgotten, and you should go buy their books) and say "soo...how much fun did you have writing this book?" and "how do I get to even the first step up to where you are now?"

I could dream. someday I hope that someone will read something of mine and laugh just as hard, escape just as easily into a different place. and not sue the pants off of me, which would be nice.

and sound the trumpets, the choirs of angels, the rock'n'roll bands of the devils, the scraggly euphonium ranks bullying those silly french horns out of the way-
I not only finished Dr Who and gave it to Lars and gave y'all a picture as proof...
I finished the Saami shawl! wheehooo! yaaaaaaay.
and I finished a sleeve and a seam on my weird recycled sari sweater thing. I am never, ever, ever knitting something requiring seaming in recycled sari yarn. ew. slubby shreddy evil deathness.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


amazing what you find when you're trapped at home with the air conditioning man. apparently there's a big (well, comparatively) scandal involved with the creator of this site, which I didn't (still don't) know much about except in relation to references in other webcomics, and an artist connected with david and goliath, creators of the somewhat cute, somewhat...okay...mostly stupid kitschy tshirts/keychains etc found in places like target, spencer's, that sort of thing.

I was getting somewhat frustrated because there were lots of sites saying the equivalent of "boo todd yay pp" and no representation of todd's/david and goliath's side- which is still true, but the evidence of this website is sort of scary. granted, several of the examples are a stretch and could be considered parody or coincidence (or at least, if I were the creator of the original I'd shrug and move on), but the majority are...a little scary.

aah, the wonderful world of plagiarism.

although the forum of one of the sites made my day just by this phrase: "I knew it. I knew if you put Thomas Kincaid and Hot Topic too close together, there'd be cross-pollenation." said by Relatively Bear.

but HEY! check it out!
drumroll, please...you call that a drumroll? seriously? sigh...

yes! Dr Who is done! done done done, done, fin, finished, ferdig, never ever ever again. no. you can see mine and the second one I did for lars- he's got it doubled around his neck so it doesn't show the full length. the stewardesses on the plane to minneapolis were giving me very strange looks. one lady walking back from the bathroom stopped and commented thusly-
lady: oh, what lovely colors! are you making a sweater? that's gorgeous!
me: thanks. no, it's not a sweater, it's a-
lady: oo, an afghan?
me: no, it's a scarf- if you're familiar with the Dr Who TV show, that's where it's from.
lady: (blank look)