Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dammit, now I have to start watching Castle.

"didn't you wear that, like, five years ago?" SNORT.


so I'm trying to kick-start my yarn weight loss campaign again. not a diet per se...but if I want to start a new project, I have to finish something else. if I want to buy more yarn for a project, then a corresponding amount of yarn has to be either done or leave some other way. (the craft depot, gifted, osv.)

so far not much has happened. although that's mostly to blame the work schedule. but I need to finish:

northern lights scawl*, which at this stage is...yarn. and a pattern. sort of.
Giant Shawl Of Death, currently lurking reproachfully at me, since finishing it implies ripping out...pretty much the entire thing. yeah.
Mystery Afghan Thing, which right now is more like "mystery washcloth thing"
and others, but I'm all ufo-depressed now and anyway, it's time for NCIS.

*could be a scarf. could be a shawl. might end up being a cowl. who knows? also, sounds like 'scowl,' which is what I currently do when I think of it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SUCH a good movie.

Saving Grace. seeing that tv show (which is totally unrelated to the film) in the tv menu makes me go YA-oh. sad.


one of the reasons I love this movie is that James is Grace. if James were a little welsh lady who started to grow pot to avoid bankruptcy. although when I watched it with him the scene where she cleans out her greenhouse gave him the twitchy fits. "but that's worth- that one's! but!"

"my name is tony, I am from scandinavia."
"...he doesn't talk much."
"mhm...does he have to?"

And the internet just ate the rest. bugger. oh well. here's one of the best bits:

I thought of this movie on the latest Crazy Day (which has been somewhat washed away from Drowning Marmot Day on tuesday, but involved an entire ER getting serious contact highs from a patient)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Penn & Teller.

you just gotta love 'em.