Monday, January 18, 2010

this post rated R by the MBB* for Language.

woke up late.
stupid bike tire didn't want to go back on.
realized didn't have time to get lunch together.
tried (and mostly failed) not to be ├╝bergrump to The Boy. but he smelled good so hey, the morning's looking up.
stared at door, penguin sprinting, oh well, can't be that important. getting to work with enough time to shower and still be on time more important.
lock door, discover front wheel not turning. brake? no, brake fine. latching mechanism seems fine too. great. it's pissing rain, last chance for ride just left, not enough time to call my partner for ride, and now my fucking bike isn't working.
kick bike. ow fucking ow. (don't kick bikes.)
hey, bike rolls smoothly now. (I think my bike has been reading too much calvin and hobbes. it's after my blood and pain.)
bike to work. hey, asshole in the fucking prius, just because I'm already soaked does not mean I won't care if you puddle-drench me. jackass. when Claire rules the free world, you're going to the head of the
0753 clock in. god I hope no early calls because if mawit no shower, mawit kill. jump in shower.
was not hot. but wasn't cold, either, so...fine.
socks. fuck. that's what the penguin was trying to tell me. dry socks.