Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have two patches of relatively itchy could-be-spider-bite-could-be-mosquito-bite-damn-well-better-not-be-hives on my elbows.

stupid random monterey allergy BETTER not be coming back.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the face....it's coming from the faaaace....!!!

best. movie. ever.

enjoy this, because I'm fighting off another wave of ants. siiiigh. later, I will tell you of the Day That Didn't End Well.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mmm...wife soup.

not really. just keeping in line with the firefly of earlier.

Sad Panda: nighttime theraflu's honey lemon and chamomile flavor is NASTY. na-stai.

Happy Panda: I have egg drop soup. is not Mom2 soup, and is from a packet, but is egg drop soup and good and nummy and hopefully de-coldifying.

Sad Panda: NCIS tonight is a repeat, and not new. saaaad.

Happy Panda: at least it's the episode with Ziva as a lounge singer in a ridiculously hot dress. Shallow? Moi?

although I do wish that they'd gone with a high neckline, like what'serbutt's dress at that award show that one time. I know. So specific. The chick from Boys Don't Cry. You know.


0600: The Boy goes to work. The Thing...It Liiiives! rolls over and takes 2 Nighttime Sudafed, then goes back to sleep.

0830: Alarm beeps. The Thing...It Liiiives! grumbles, but pokes it into submission and staggers to couch for to feed and watch an hour or so of inauguration. that's a really hard word to spell on cold pills. seriously. Anyway. Stupid CNN Announcer Guy! NO ONE cares that at 1200 Obama became president even though he hadn't been sworn in. NO TALKY OVER PRETTY MUSIC! seriously. the cats were confused as I was shouting shut up shutupshutup at the tv. grr. he's going to the special hell. (see 01:33, and then just watch the whole episode, because firefly=win.)

1030: The Thing....It Goes Back To Bed. (after taking more nighttime sudafed.)

1500ish: The Boy returns. The Thing...It Liiives... takes an Advil Cold and Sinus so as to actually be able to accomplish things and not pass out again. The nighttime sudafed packs a punch, it does. The Thing...It Liives... realizes that being conscious = being zombie, because eyes hurt, teeth hurt, all sinuses plugged, lips chapped, drugs not working must kill everything. especially The Altogether Too Chipper Boy. dishes go out of dishwasher. go lie down. Dishes go in dishwasher. go lie down. cat boxes get cleaned. no creature that small should ever be able to produce that much shit. seriously. contemplate calling in sick tomorrow too. check schedule. money...sleep...money...sleep...money...sleep...damn you, student loans...

Undiscovered time: Decide that sleep trumps money. Go to call in sick. Look at clock on phone. hellfire and damnation, it's 1708. if I call in sick now, I get tomorrow and thursday off. The Boy says something to the effect of how he feels much better today. contemplate killing and eating The Boy's brain. mrglmrglmrgl. back hurts from sleeping so long. ignoring fact that going from freezing-roasting-freezing means fever. what? what's that? nothing. draft = cold, too close to heater = hot. yeah. that's it. throw clothes in laundry. make russian tea. mmm, russian tea. want time to bend and have Mom 2 magically appear with The Life Giving Mom Soup. contemplate making egg drop soup.

1944: gather strength for making egg drop soup. in 16 minutes can take more drugs. also NCIS on. hopefully will feel better tomorrow. or hope for slow day tomorrow. yah.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jack Black as Jesus. oh dear.

Although any mention of Prop 8 still makes me want to give up and run away, this is still pretty funny. I heart Neil Patrick Harris.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

let's hope for another day in The Sunny North Bay, ok?

because the longer I can stay out of the Oakland area in my shiny navy blue uniform with shoulder patches and name tag, the happier I'll be. I don't look like a cop if you actually LOOK at me, but people don't LOOK at anything. (case in point? this guy yelled at me in a mall because I didn't know where Taco Bell was. I went "um...I'm an EMT? I don't work here..." and he flounced off muttering about bad service.)

this is why. (Mom, don't look.)