Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mmm...wife soup.

not really. just keeping in line with the firefly of earlier.

Sad Panda: nighttime theraflu's honey lemon and chamomile flavor is NASTY. na-stai.

Happy Panda: I have egg drop soup. is not Mom2 soup, and is from a packet, but is egg drop soup and good and nummy and hopefully de-coldifying.

Sad Panda: NCIS tonight is a repeat, and not new. saaaad.

Happy Panda: at least it's the episode with Ziva as a lounge singer in a ridiculously hot dress. Shallow? Moi?

although I do wish that they'd gone with a high neckline, like what'serbutt's dress at that award show that one time. I know. So specific. The chick from Boys Don't Cry. You know.

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