Tuesday, May 29, 2007


felt somewhat like a machine, finishing so many projects- Dr Who, my Saami shawl, a Jayne hat of my very own (okay, okay, so I need one more tassellet- it's done), a little cell phone carrier in the shape of a jayne hat, and the recycled silk sweater.

oh, the recycled silk sweater, which shall henceforth be known as...the Turtle Net Sweater.

why? you might ask...well, here's how it is:
Turtle Net: 100 meters of 3in square mesh gillnet. hellishly difficult to repair. unending.
Recycled Silk Sweater: many meters of yarn turned into a sweater of triangular mesh. hellishly difficult to repair/seam/rip/etc. seemingly unending.
plus, one half magically has a different colorbase than the sleeves and the other half. one is clearly warm-predominant, while everything else is cool-predominant. sigh.

therefore, recycled silk sweater = Turtle Net Sweater. evil. shudder.

but oh well. two more days with the boy and then it's off to camp. eyep. the madness shall ensue again.

and check this out!

Telemark PrOn!

man, I want to be skiing right now.

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