Friday, August 29, 2008

sometimes I despair...

People. Vaccinate your kids.

lemme say it again. Vaccinate. your. kids.

for god's sake- I thought I'd heard the worst possible pseudoscience-informing-policy bullshit, but nope.

don't read the comments. it's bad for your blood pressure.

don't believe me? someone stated that antibodies aren't around anymore because of vaccines, and that's why we're seeing measles etc etc outbreaks.




the whole point of vaccines is that you create antibodies in response to it! Edward Jenner is spinning in his grave enough to power the entire eastern seaboard.

if you can't vaccinate your kid because of autoimmune issues or the like, then fine! be glad that (hopefully) most of the kids your kid will encounter won't be likely to pass along an illness to your kid. if you don't want to vaccinate your kid, then don't bitch when you get kicked out of day care, school, play group, or whatever. if you have the freedom to do something, you have the freedom to experience the consequences. deal. with. it. if you can't vaccinate your kid because you can't afford it, then let's organize a takeover and go hold the government hostage until they put in some USEFUL healthcare, like, say, total coverage until the age of 18, free.

(hi, homeland security! yes, I did just use the words 'hostage' and 'govenment' in the same sentence. oops! did it again! neener neener neener.)

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