Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the agony of indecision...

I just took a quiz where I was prompted to choose what I'd indulge in if I wanted to get myself a treat. the second option down was "a new book" and I mentally said "aha, perfect."

then I kept reading, and the second from the bottom was "some art supplies."

I may have said an indelicate word.

choosing the first, I was given this response:

You Are a Lip Piercing

You are rebellious and defiant. You resist conforming and following rules.
You're the type to get pierced anywhere you want, and you're not taking your piercings out for anyone!
Reflective and philosophical, you've spent a lot of time thinking about how you'd like to live your life.
And it just so happens that your preferred lifestyle is pretty far outside the mainstream.
While people may find you standoffish, you aren't necessarily rude, mean, or judgmental.
You just don't try to fit in. And that's enough to scare most people away!

taking the second option, I got this:

You Are an Eyebrow Piercing

You are unique, quirky, and more than a little eccentric.

You cultivate the weirder sides of your personality, and you don't mind sharing them.

Ever since you were a kid, you've had strong opinions. You've never been like everyone else, and you're okay with that.

And you've always been able to tell people exactly what you think - even when they don't want to hear it.

You love to create, dream, imagine, and communicate. You live in your own universe.

And unlike most people who live in their own little world, you're happy to invite anyone in!

Neither one is a piercing that appeals to me, but hey, random meaningless quizzes are what the internet was meant for, right? *cough*

the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, but they finally turned enough to let the NREMT agree to let me test! whee! tomorrow I get to call whoever it is I need to call and find a test center and date.

also, thanks to more waiting for jam-to-become-jam-and-not-really hot fruit juice, I have discovered that: (not going to link all these, because some of them aren't very entertaining, but you, too, can lose time to blogthings, should you desire.)

I am "76% Obama, 24% McCain" (but not likely, because it was a two-option thing, and we all know how much I love those.)
my travel profile was disappointing; I was hoping for a quiz, not a "check off the cities you've been to and we'll calculate a percentage" (hello, people...there are more than 15 cities in europe.)
I belong in the UK. (although the quiz title was "what english speaking country are you")
I am Very Worldly.
I am a Natural Beauty (read: too lazy to wear makeup and fight with hair)
I am 48% democrat, and 20 % republican. (I guess the other 32 % is off with arbeiderpartiet.)
I am a Moderate Mama (other alternatives were Liberal Lady and Conservative Chick) (this one's pretty dead on, so far.)
I am Chinese Food.
I should Play The Harp. (because apparently my dominant personality characteristic is my 'zen-ness' and my secondary personality characteristic is my 'quiet independence')
I am more like Angelina Jolie (than Jennifer Aniston)
My psyche is Yellow.
I am Macaroni and Cheese.
I should learn French.
I am 60% Normal.
my 80's Theme song is Living on a Prayer by Grambonjovi. er. Bon Jovi.
I should be a Cherry Redhead.
My beauty element is Earth.
I am a Classic Martini (which means that my drinking soulmates are the Chocolate Martini people and my drinking rivals are Margarita Martini people, which begs the question...what the hell is a margarita martini?)
I need some Black in my life (which I do believe contrasts rather glaringly with the whole Yellow psyche thing.)...but if I change my last answer, I need some Green in my life.
My Dosha is Kapha (but I trust Randi more than any internet meme)
My power bird is a Vulture.
I am a Light Pink Rose (thus, I represent sweetness and grace. please don't die laughing.)
My boobies' names are Mork and Mindy. (well, they are now.)
I like names that are Retro and Fashionable.
My Geek Profile shows high Academic Geekiness and moderate Music, Scifi, and Geekiness in Love.
I am a Blue Girl, and my Inner Color is Blue.
I am 78% Tortured Genius, and I could pass 8th grade science.
I am best described by the paintig San Giorgio Maggiore, Twilight by Claude Monet
I am the Tango.
My inner muse is Euterpe. (that's music, for those of you non-classicists.)
Alfred Gockel should paint my portrait.
My name is Marshmallow Angel Rockstar Itchylips Teddybear Flawless Raspberrylips Easy Yummybear Angeleyes.
My Scandinavian Name is Halle Kirby. (kirby? what?)
My Inner Blood Type is B. (inner blood type. wow.)
Lucy Lawless is my Celebrity Boob Twin.
I have a Melancholic Temperament.
I should honeymoon in Mexico. (nah.)
I am an Auditory Learner.
If I were a goddess, I'd be Psyche.
My aura is Blue. (other blues are Angelina Jolie, the Dali [sic] Lama, and Oprah, and I should be a Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, or Counselor.) What would a Dali Lama be? and can I be present for the conversation between the Dali Lama and the Dalai Lama? (Dalai Lama: Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own- Dali Lama: FISH!)
I am 48% Misanthropic.
and lastly, if I were an art movement, I'd be Romanticism.

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