Monday, September 15, 2008


So according to's celebrity photo matching thing, I look the most like Rogue.

or three of the popular K-pop stars. or Zhang Ziye. or a J-pop star/actress. I'm not saying you're not going to find some entertaining fragments buried in my genetic code that don't come from Norway or Germany (Hello, Northern/Eastern Europe!), but I'm pretty sure that mongoloid isn't going to be applied to my skull in the far future. (Hello, futuristic Temperence Brennen! ...wait, that means I died a horrible death and ended up somewhere strange. ok, let's back up. um....Hello, Temperence Brennen working on cataloging a old cemetary full of peacefully-dead folks!)

Anyway. no matter the photo, there will be at least 3, more likely 5, of 10 lookalikes that are asian. is it like that for everyone? I don't know.

I'm off to make my SALMON ONIGIRI OMGYAY*, grab my knitting (shawl of doom will die), and head to BART to muni to muni to the building where I get to fork over $90 to take a stupid computer based exam. boo NREMT. boo.

*I have been listening to my lecture notes for the past 3 days. oh. mai. gawd. I think my brain is fssszzzzzt. so you can just deal with the outbreak of intarwebz.

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