Tuesday, September 09, 2008

boom de yada

I know, I know, the cheesiest commercial known to man. but still. how can you not love this?

water-bears in spaaaaaaace!

not only that- zombie water-bears in spaaaaace!

although the evil part of my brain is going "where's PETA now, hm? who cares about the TORTURES being inflicted on countless innocent waterbears, huh? HUH?" but it is being hustled back to its cynicave by the more rational parts of the brain, which are going "shutup! are you nuts? you want them to go even crazier? back in the cave! now! don't make me get the superego..."

anyway, back to the shiny.
from the great XKCD. who I recently discovered has alttext tags on all his comics, which meant I had to go aaaaall the way back through the archive. not that it was that painful. twist my arm.

and youtube almost always comes through-



but the best:

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