Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello I wish to register A Complaint!


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, STUPID California I hate you die.

Raziel hates me because I took him to the vet today. Jayne hates me because I took him to the vet today AND back to the shelter to get him microchipped since they were out when we adopted him. The city of El Cerrito hates me because I parked on a white curb.

just a white curb. no signage. the green curb on the opposite side was posted as a 30 minute parking zone, so I deliberately didn't park there since I wasn't sure how long I'd have to wait at the vet's with the kittehs. The curb by the corner was red, which is obvious no matter your state. so, me, I park where all evidence suggests that I am safe and happy.

what the hell does a white curb mean? a 3-min load/unload zone. NOWHERE in the CVC does it say that a white curb = 3 minutes. I couldn't find the elusive 'ecc' that my ticket cited. CDOT gave me nothing. CDMV gave me nothing but distance-from-the-curb and hill parking and 'obey posted signs' which is FUN when there aren't any.
where did I find something, anything stating that a white curb = 3 minutes? wikipedia. WIKIPEDIA. What. The. Fsmurmgggrrrfraghlmr.

and I know. Ignorantia juris non excusat. (although I think that's been bastardized by the legal system and that ignorantia legis neminem excusat is closer to what they mean when they say that ignorance of the law excuses none BUT that's the angry classicist talking. ((back in the box! back in the box!)) )

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Anonymous said...

ecc = El Cerrito Code. Local municipalities all enforce their own parking law, but the colors are standardized throughout the state. White means loading/unloading zone. The color scheme is in the DMV's Driving Manual, and is one of the subjects covered by the written test for driver's license.

(Sorry you got the ticket!)