Sunday, August 17, 2008

I made (a tiny percentage of) this!

Not only is the Pratchgan finished and given unto The Pterry in person by The Seamstress to beat all seamstresses (that's seamstress as in sewing, not, y'know, a seamstress), Cherryred- but it is written of! in teh interwebs! in Spamish! (spain, sir.) Spanish! на русском языке!

in the San Francisco Examiner! (well, the online version thereof. still.)

in completely unrelated news, I was attacked by Meow Mix while making lackluster chicken carbonara, and The Kitteh was pleased.

Knitting on Sweeney Todd progresses nicely.
Knitting on Amber's Scarf progresses...not at all, because I still can't decide why I don't like it. I may have to (shame) frog it. Which would be A Pain In The Ass because I knit it in sections, lengthwise, being paranoid that I'd run out of yarn, then grafted them all together while I was Playing With AC Transit, my absolutely favorite activity ever. Not.

Have my clinical tomorrow. am nervous. have no idea what to expect, and am not exactly sure where I'm going, since there are two "Alta Bates" hospitals near Telegraph that aren't Alta Bates Summit. (because otherwise there would be three.) luckily, I get to eat food and drink coffee with Steph beforehand.

look! Kitty! (this is not our Kitteh) .....yet.

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