Tuesday, August 19, 2008


what? google maps doesn't know where something is?!

is true. I finally called my ride-along and said "um...you don't exist. how do I get to you by ungodly early tomorrow?" (I paraphrase.) Talked to someone at the main office, got transferred to someone else, then was told it's just off the freeway exit. which means it's about 1.3 miles away. biking took me 11 minutes, although I sat at the stoplight FOR EVER before gritting my teeth and biking through the red light.

add "stoplights that only run off of sensors" to the Hate List.

as I got there, the only way I saw that I was at the right building was the giant 'am-ba-laince' (oh, orvis/scott, you crack me up) pulling out of it. I got a very strange look from the driver, which said "um...why is there a girl on a bike in a glowing orange shirt that says "stay out of work, stay out of trouble, stay out of jail" on it? guys?"

I biked away without further interaction.

Someone's car "I'm locked now" beep sounds exactly like the cop car "watch it" siren beep. it's very unnerving.

On my way home I stopped at the general storelet and got a cherry garcia bar. mmmm. ben and jerry's = awesome. Ate it while wandering around on the dock, and spotted two moon jellys (one fresh, one...not so fresh) washed up on the rocks, so I meandered back to the mom and children eating their ice cream (popular idea, y'know) and mentioned that they were there, should they desire. last thing I heard walking back to my bike was "Whoaaaaa! they're huuuuuge!" and "eeeew!" and "we should take it home and show dad!"

my evil biological oceanography plan is furthered by such baby steps...muahahaha...

I realized that almost none of my current knitting projects are on ravelry. will fix that. eventually.

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