Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ok. Blogger is officially pissing me off now. why does one line- four words- of non transliterated hebrew make my layout go all manner of wonky? sigh. Unfortunately, it's hit my stubborn button, so I will win. even if it kills me.

Here's the thingie from kateswiegehts. again.

yadda yadda
use random music player, boo stupid format restrictions, first line of each song, I hate blogger, friends guess, yadda update when they guess right.

stupid blogger.

1. Open your eyes undo the seem
2. If you wanna hang out you've got to take her out.
3. La lune, trop blanc,
4. It begins to tell
5. Well I'm getting up now
6. She's got her halo and wings
7. Det er meldt regn så til de grader
8. They told him don't you ever come around here
9. Just a little bit stronger
10. Halleluja! Halleluja! Halleluja! (again. mom's the only one getting this one.)
11. I think we need an agent
12. She's alright but sometimes she's so wrong
13. DJ please
14. The mama pajama rolled out of bed
15. Parkeringsvakt vær fornuftig nå
16. Hot hot hot sweat sweet
17. Mai-ia-hii mai-ia-huu mai-ia-ha mai-ia-haha (the 'numa song' ain't gonna cut it.)
18. Stars are out tonight
19. Youth culture
20. Od yavo' shalom aleinu (I HATE YOU BLOGGER.)
21. Vi- vi kunne fly
22. Oh Maria Maria
23. How can the small flowers grow if the wild winds blow and the cold now is all around
24. Wandering child so lost so helpless
25. Take away the sensation inside
26. Hei lå li lå lå lå lå lååååå lå lå lå lå lååå lå lå lå lå leeei lå (um....good luck.)
27. Fox in the snow
28. Pardon me while I burst
29. Gloria nomeus jesu'kristo
30. This ain't a song for the broken hearted

stupid meme not allowing the true version of this 30 song thing cause I can't represent lyricless songs. like THE BEST SONG EVER. but I can't find it online and I'm too lazy to (or not annoyed enough) to faithfully recreate the previous post. go buy this. right now.

# 30 is for Grambo. OF course.

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