Friday, August 22, 2008

yeah, right, bracing, uh-huh.

Bracing For Inflation. ....bracing? really? Let's look at what we were paying for gas a few months ago: 5.10. 5.10!
Five-teeen, fiveten! *cue Grosse Point Blank "ten...years! ten years! quote...go*

a little late, guys.

but. but. but. he. ehehe. ehehehehe.
so I was trying to find a clip on youtube of the aforementioned "ten...years! ten years!" quote, since I'm sure no one but my mother is going to understand it, but found this instead.

and it made me giggle like a fiend, so I share it, as a balm to the soul.



also: two things. 1) Ho. Lee. Shit. 2) ...waaay too much time on your hands, dude. but I bow to your epic patience and fiddly nature.

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Anonymous said...

"...oooh, don't rush to judgment"

thanks for the laughs -- must find DVD now. -- mor