Sunday, August 17, 2008

if it doesn't work...add more legos.

So I've discovered another great knitting blog. Crazy Aunt Purl. and in reading through the archives, I have wanted to laugh out loud (but have restrained myself, since The Boy would be greatly confused if I were to try to explain and I'm sort of trying to keep him around and not scare him off, y'know)

but still. Today, I read this:

Up 'til now I have been using the paleolithic method of laundry, where the heat and pressure from the top of the pile cleans the clothes at the bottom of the pile. No diamonds emerged, but the socks did band together and try to stage an insurrection.

Hilarious. and I am guilty as charged of attempting the same.

You should go check her blog out.

also? Eomer is hot.

and one of the things I like best about the Lord of the Rings movies is the little tiny facial expressions that last only for a second- like Aragorn's "oh, look...orcs...I shouldn't...but...oh, hell, why not, let's go have some fun" at the top of the hill before the Fellowship splits up, and Legolas's glance of "Are you f*cking kidding me? I mean, I know, I'm the Piratical Elfboy of Troy, but still..." before he runs up the elephant-that-is-not-an-elephant-oliphant-thing.

(The Boy and I have been watching the Trilogy, if you couldn't tell.)

I still miss Tom Bombadil.

Oh, and this: LEGOS!

because "...if something doesn't work [is to] add more Lego stormtroopers..." as says Mike Stimpson.

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