Sunday, August 24, 2008

time moves too slowly....

February 2009.

Dana Stabenow is deliberately torturing me.

April 2009.

So is Jim Butcher.

February AND April, 2009.

Carrie Vaughn is evil for making me wait so long but sainted for getting two books out in one year.

Unknown, 2009.

S.L. Viehl has a new Stardoc coming out.

I do hate it when authors kill off their main characters. still. She hasn't pissed me off as much as Jennifer Roberson did, so I'll keep looking forward to her books. (that sounds terribly...I dunno. snotty? I know full well that sometimes the characters don't do what you want them to do, and that the authors in question are not writing their books for my personal pleasure. It's just...I liked Cherijo, not memory-wiped-weird-not-cherijo-Jarn. I don't quite 'get' her. Maybe the next book will make me better like her.)

October 2008.

Mercedes Lackey still loves me.

Apparently Mercedes Lackey's dream cast for some of her characters includes Sting as Firesong and David Bowie as Falconsbane.

Vanyel? Johnny Depp.
Oh yeah. I'd go see that movie. well. those movies.
About as fast as I'd go see Johnny Depp as Crowley in Good Omens.

November 2008.

Laurell K Hamilton's next Meredith Gentry book is out. Hopefully this series won't follow the same path as the Anita Blake series.

June 2008.

WHAT. lies! I haven't seen Shadows Return anywhere! Lynn Flewelling, there's a gummint consp'rrcy keeping me from your goodness!

ahem. er. anyway. there's also a new one in the summer of 2009.

Jacqueline Carey has a ton of new books out, but it's been too long since I read her first series and as I recall, they were ...dense. in a good way. but still. not easily picked up and put down, like...say...on BART. or AC transit.

Spring 2009?

More Mary Russell from Laurie R King?
we can but hope.


Vicki said...

Hi--it's Vicki from Laurie King's VBC. There is indeed another Mary Russell coming out in Spring 2009. It's called The Language of Bees and it follows Russell and Holmes back to Sussex after some adventures far from home. :) Tune into Laurie's blog--she's been posting about the rewrite. Her posts on the new book are here:


Vicki said...

Oh, and VBC = Virtual Book Club--her forum. Drop by and say howdy if you get a chance: