Wednesday, July 23, 2008

so, so true.

Mountains in t-3 days! wheeeee!

Still haven't heard from EMS instructor about externships! notwheee!

but mountains! wheeee!

also, today's Nemi.
So...what do you do for a living?
You- I think you are unbelievably beautiful, that was why I wanted to go out with you and drink wine- but do we have to talk about that?
I mean; like everyone else always does? I'm so tired of it! "bla bla bla"- Boring! it's like everyone has been given each their own spiel with the ability to talk on what they have in their heads- and it is never real, fine things that really mean anything!
Couldn't you have instead asked me about what the finest sound I know of is? can't we talk about how long it has been since we sat in trees or what scared us most when we were kids and if we're still afraid of the same things? ask me about which five things I have to do before I die! don't want to say what you do for a living?
Self-defense. I'm trying not to push you away.

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