Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I love this comic.

Cyan: finding anything you like?
Nemi: well...
in the world of shoes, this pair is a deep-water fish.
they have bulging eyes and are slimy! and they have a boooooip on their head like this that lights up and scares all the other fish that want to be on a shelf far away from these shoes.
Blonde: wha...
Nemi: *shudder*
Cyan: She doesn't like them.

I'll leave you with that.

that, and an equation.

3 shots + 1 arm + overeager BART door* = OW.

*seriously. this isn't like an elevator door, that gently closes- barely making contact, you know- and then sproings open in shock that it might have closed on a gooshy human. This is BART. BART doors close, then press, then squeeeeeze- then reluctantly slide open about a centimetre.
Also- People of the East Bay? do not amble idly during rush hour.

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