Thursday, March 29, 2007

update, finally.

so I didn't get the MBARI internship that I was hoping for, but the pain is mildly lessened because there were 170 applicants for 18 positions, and for some reason 6 of those positions weren't filled. why? no idea. maybe the professors leading them decided they didn't really want a labmonkey. maybe MBARI ran out of money to support those extra positions. dunno. next year?

besides, this way I get to torture yet another round of kids with norwegian. and the badestrand. muahahaha.

finished an aaaancient pair of wristlets (dalegarn aya or aja or whatever its name is) and found enough yarn in my stash to construct a hat.

I am never ever ever going to decide casually "hey, I know- I'll design a nice floppy beret-crossed-with-a tam! it'll be great!" want to know why?
Q.E.D. (note that I am using it to cover my face in shame.)
because the usual "oh, god, surely I've knit enough by now to accomodate a head and I can do crown decreases? no? ...obugger." cycle of pain is trebled when it comes to a beret. and I've no excuse- I'm sure I could have found a pattern easily online. but le no. I had to be le creative.

(-kates, help, I'm having flashbacks to high school and lunches out on the lawn...eep!

I'd put on the wristlets to show how they look but....I spilled scalding hot noodle soup all over myself in the car a week ago (no, I wasn't driving. I was in the passenger seat, in a parking lot.)

and today is the first day that my hands haven't itched like mad (healing = evil sometimes) so I'm afraid to aggravate them and not sleep until 0400 again.
look! the boy skis! look! tatami mat! look! people more pyro than me!
why am I posting a picture of my tatami mat? because it is proof that my room finally looks good- and that I have enough floor to roll it out.

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