Monday, July 09, 2007

strange. it doesn't want to let me give it a title. iiinteresting. oh well.

what I was going to put as my title was..."free again...kind of."

it appears that the only time I get a chance to update this happy little blog is when I have a free day, as my free time on normal days is spent in several ways:
1) running around getting ready for next activity.
2) sleep. glorious sleep.
3) talking to the bestemt entall. that's the singular definite, otherwise known as the boy in camp code. aaah, grammar...always a solution to every problem.
4) buried nose in book in effort to retain english-speaking capabilities.
5) zoning out in valhall- it doesn't actually count as sleep.
6) midnight viking kitchen raids. don't knock it til you've tried it. ååååheeeeiii....

so, anyway. my cabin is now up to 5 people- our resident crazy norwegian-finn has arrived. Saw randi the other day, which made my saturday suddenly so much better than it had been looking.

looking forward to our evening program tomorrow. and our day program. am almost to the knitting-together-of-the-hem row.

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