Saturday, December 08, 2007


yeah yeah yeah, so I totally should be finishing my lab right now, but I have an excuse.

the Attack of the Ants part whatever-we're-on-now.

this time, they're coming in through the tiniest crack in the wall where countertop meets wall. how? no freakin' clue, because that wall is shared with the bathroom wall. not an outdoor wall.

but they are definitely coming in there. and there's about a billion ants who are now getting very very clean, because our reaction when The Boy opened the dishwasher was "...uh...EAT CASCADE!...see how they like that." or something very similar.

I'm not unloading it. nu-uh. ew.

but in further entomological grasshopper was finally posted on insectpod and you should totally go check it out.

ok, ok. I'll do the lab. jees.

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Chalain said...


I'm sorry I didn't e-mail you to let you know I was posting your grasshopper. I managed to lose your e-mail address in the shuffle. Yay for blog pings--I got notified that you had linked in from here.

Thanks again for the picture--it's a great photo!