Friday, December 11, 2009

I want it all

Some of the things I see on etsy make me go "ooooo...." and some of the things on etsy make my fingers itch and me go "whaaaaa? you're selling that for $30 bucks? have you SEEN that join? hello? THAT IS NOT FINISHED. go back and buff the shit out of that sucker, then we'll talk about selling that for $30 bucks."

I want my perfect world, where I get to spend my sommers at Skogfjorden, I get to teach college kids about science on a sailing research vessel every so often, I get to use my free time for knitting and designing knitting and I can set up a little loom and I can weave and I can coerce James into helping me build a little baby kiln and a little baby forgelet and I can set up my lovely cancer-causing mesothelioma-inducing studio and make jewellery and sculpt and make knives all day when I'm not working. And I want to have juuust enough money left over that every couple years or so I get to travel someplace awesome that I haven't been (Antarctica, Africa, ...must...beat (at the very least tie)...alex....), or someplace awesome that I have been to. (Alta, Santorini, and at this particular moment, Nuku Hiva), or maybe just a week of heli-skiing. and I want to go ski touring. I want to pack my bag and find a sledge or train up a pair of dogs and get my tent and some matpakker and my reinsdyrskinn and GTFO and not come back until håret e så fett det fryser!

I want it all.

I want it all.

And I want it now. *screeeeeeelm*

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