Thursday, November 16, 2006

t minus...oh god.

it is 2054. in 13 hours I will be turning in my final draft of my research proposal and shortly after that I'll be on a bus to boston and after that on a plane to minneapolis and after that (on the 25th) I will be on a plane to puerto vallarta in preparation for sailing to tahiti.


looking forward to bumming around boston for awhile with siv before I have to fly out.

had an amusing interlude today in nautical science:
our captain said "yeah, so not so long before we sail out on next sunday, huh?"
us: "...saturday...?"
captain: "...nnnope, sunday."
class: "uh...saturday the 25th is when we were told to be on the dock..."
captain: "...huh. that's interesting. we never leave on saturday."

so SEA is working on getting our whole boat lodging for the night, either on board or somewhere. aaah, excitement.

I managed to knit 5 hats and teach 7 people to knit. the red hats are slowly taking over. muahahaha.


so I guess, dear blog, that this is goodbye until mid-january, unless I get ambitious over the interim week before I get on the boat.

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