Monday, February 12, 2007

brain melty.

done with CV!

mostly done with cover letter. need to read through it. writing a "here, this is why you should hire me and this is what you've got what I want and what I got you want" letter is harder than it sounds. ugh.

I love the letterhead on Aaron's reference. it's in arabic. so is all the contact information at the bottom.

in celebration of being done:

Lead Stick

Well done. You've managed to get 85!

You totally rock! Either you completely cheated, or you know your stuff! Congratulations! Feel free to talk to me about percussion, as it is of interest to me. By the way, may I have your autograph?

Link: The Percussion Knowledge Test written by mistressdenna

Official Wench!

Congratulations! You scored 77%!

pirates official wench!

there be no low life 1 piece of ait wenches fer me when ye be about!

Link: The pirate Test written by TTRCDan

Sexy Geek

Congratulations! You scored 57!

Congratulations! You possess that heady combination of intelligence and social skills, geekdom and sex appeal. You're probably nowhere near as popular as you deserve to be, but deep down you know that anyway. Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me voleri? Famous sexy geeks include Nick Drake, Glenn Gould and Luke Skywalker.

Link: The Sexy Geek Test written by littlecellist


You scored 13 in Malice and 32 in Chaos!

You are the Kitsune, or "Fox demon," the ultimate doer of mischief. Kitsune belong to a class of demons known as "Henge," or animal shape-shifters, along with the Tanuki, or badger-demon. They are uncanny creatures who are notorious as much for their malevolence as for their wild and unpredictable behavior; a fox demon may help a human, only to betray him in deepest consequence at a later date. Kitsune are known to frequently possess women or pose as humans, causing chaos and catastrophe where ever they go. They are mischievous creatures who take great pleasure in playing terrible tricks on unsuspecting mortals; however, this behavior indicates that they are more perversely playful and apathetic to human suffering than genuinely evil and desirous of harm.

Link: The Japanese Demon Profile Test written by Maharbal

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