Saturday, February 10, 2007


yes! pleading to the gods of cyberspace equals result! (that's result in the sort of sketchy Jeff voice, because it's more fun that way.) thank you thank you thank you Aaron.

I now have three letters of reference coming although I still haven't heard from Jan (plead, beg, help out a fellow skandihuvian, o gods of cyberspace and gmail) -hah, and that just reminded me of the Oh God of Hangovers, the Forgetfulness Fairy, the Verruca Gnome...ah, Terry Pratchett.

anyway. now I'm too wound up to sleep. I may actually have a chance at my internship. But I need to sleep so I can get solid work done tomorrow and so I can ravage my pathetic pretense at a CV and a cover letter and make them shiny and glittery and inspiring of 'oh-my-god-we-must-hire-this-one' statements thanks to my aunt Helen's magic.

possible skiing sunday. weehee! still jealous of Debbie, who left the boat and promptly began a backcountry tele haul in the Wasatch. gr.

I'm out of Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak books. gasp. whine. snif. on the plus side, after about a week I probably won't be going 'mustmovetoalaska....mustmovetoalaska...mustgetbiiiigpuppy...mustmovetoalaska' like I have been this week. my freshman year roommates are probably right, I caught a terminal case of arcticitis when I lived in norway.

I found the most awesome valentine's day present ever but it's too expensive to justify me sending it to myself. and I could send it to matt but then I'd just steal it, which would be rude. I can't help being a total sucker for cute teddy bears.

and socks. I have new socks, knit for me by mum. mmmwarm. we have to leave the window in the room where the computer is open a crack -that was some horrible sentence structure, it's time for bed- because if it's not the smoke alarm goes off (of course, it goes off every time you look at the stove, but hey, it's not like you're supposed to cook in a kitchen or anything.) so as a result it's really cold if you're bumming around the internet trying to burn off a glee-rush.

and that leaves me wondering what a ghee-rush would look like, and with that, I'm forcibly removing myself from the keyboard. night.

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