Friday, September 14, 2007

life imitating discworld...

so apparently writing BOIL ME AN EGG, ALBERT yesterday conjured up a whole series of discworld-aktige ting.

first, Anoia, Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers, paid me a visit. stupid spatula.
then, I had a wonderful glimpse at the wonder (hah) that is the postal system here in emery-land (or oak-ville, if you like that better)
and then... none other than Foul Ole Ron got on my bus home from physics.

no, really. I jest not. He was muttering when he got on bus, muttering for the ten minutes he was on the bus, and muttering when he got off the bus. I say muttering, but it was more like serious conversation at high decibels. muttering with projection? I kept waiting for a "buggrit. buggrem. millenium hand and shrimp." The Smell was there, too, all the way until I got off at my stop several blocks down.

AND anniken had just called me! it was a total terry pratchett day.

I just got the urge to knit something disc-y. and I need to talk to syvilla about yarn for my inaugural yay-I-moved-to-san-francisco knitting project, which is either going to be a laptop case for my shiny new laptop or a scarf

but eyah. on to the physics lab report!

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