Saturday, September 08, 2007


no, that's not a sign that I've finally gotten a dog. that's an explosive outrush of air. so here's why I haven't been heard from since early august...

finished camp. international day insanity as planned. pack up skogfjorden. oh, yeah. before packing up camp, don't sleep because you're sitting up with åsta burning and writing on the dvds to give to the villagers. at all. except for a little impromptu nap.

drive down to mpls with elsebet and pia. go eat with lars and some random german, pam, james, robbie, dave, ebet, pia, and jens.

get stuck in traffic and miss plane. actually, I could have made it, but the mental midget struck again and sent me running flat out for number. 26 C, and my gate was supposed to be 10 F, which if you have ever been in the MSP airport, you'll be wincing in sympathy.

go sleep at ebet's house, wake up eeeaaaarrrrlly and go to MSP to fly to Seatac. the plane is slightly delayed, but not by much. I get to SEA, go for lunch with Gretchen and Jesse, then back to my plane to SFO.

visit the boy briefly, then fly back home on thursday afternoon. but no, murphy is not yet done with marit. oh, no. my plane is supposed to leave SFO for SEA at 1309. at 1309 they say we'll have more information for you at 1350. at 1350 they say more information at 1415. at 1415 more info at 1500. at 1500 more info at 1550. at 1550 more info at 1630. at 1630 more info at 1715. at this point I'm in line asking if there's any way this plane is ever going to leave, and failing that, what airline will you put me on so that I can actually get to seattle sometime today? ack. as I'm standing in line, we hear this: more information at 1800. I bail, get on a united flight, go out, recheck in, get sent through extra screening (yay, shiny glass boxes with airpuffs...) finally get to SEA at 0200 or something ridiculous like that. (oh, and my original flight finally left SFO at 2034. damn.) the next morning, actually later that morning, we fly out of SEA for houston, have a big layover, then to guayaquil ecuador, then sleep for another maybe four hours before getting shuttled around and stuck on the plane for santa cruz, the galapagos.

more on the galapagos and marit-as-cruise-photographer later.

on the 25th we leave the galapagos, spend a really long time in transit, and arrive in tacoma on the 26th. what day does my first class start? august 27th. oh. joy.

so I fly down to SF, go to class, go pass out in my apartment, have a few days of chill time due to the vagaries of the cost of air travel, then fly back to tacoma on wednesday.

sleep thursday.

friday IKEA run and stuck in traffic (curse you, I-5 on labour day weekend!) and dinner party with Tony and Bert (not gert, oops)

saturday bumbershoot festival with ebet and midge and pack van

sunday pack van and monday, tuesday, wednesday drive to SF.

high winds + 21 foot cargo van stuffed to gills = not fun. semis of the world, I salute you. little pinkish corollas, I salute you too, but with a different finger.

thursday 3 hours of physics and then wandering lost at berkeley at night. not. fun.

friday....more IKEA. finally have desk! and flour, and other essential foodstuffs. and joining the dark side.

yes, it's true. I now have a macbook. hauling the beast was survivable as long as it wasn't dead weight...and now it's actually dead weight. matt thinks it can be resurrected, but with a full lobotomy. notsogood.

and now it's saturday, and in 45 minutes I have to go to my physics lab. ugh.

I feel like a pinball.

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