Sunday, March 09, 2008


marit SMASH.


...will not elaborate just yet. involves physics. grrrrr.

dipped into youtube briefly to stop the must-kill cycle. fairly entertaining minnesotans for global warming video, even though I haaaate the barenaked ladies.

the heartland institute is so cute. patpat.

anyway. because, as always, the time spent on physics is inversely proportional and exponentially related to the mental faculty of the timespender, here's what makes me giggle and not want to indulge my id.

scrawny nordl├Žnding: whaddya think?
VG-reader*: hm?
SN: you're reading the VG. whaddya think about the arts, lifestyle, stuff, sorta thing?
VG-r: I'm looking at bridge.

SN: why don'tcha have a mustache?

which, if you've ever spent any decent length of time in finnmark, makes you laugh. really hard.

*VG is a sort-of-newspaper, sort-of-US weekly, sort-of-magaziney thing published in Norway.

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