Thursday, March 27, 2008

you know it's bad when...

...your lab notes say "Try to answer the "prelaboratory assignments" on page 379. That would be a good test your ideas are not too confused to successfully write the lab report."

this is after a good hour's lecture before lab and about 4 hours of actual experimenting.

...also note that lab itself is supposed to be from 1300 to 1615, or 3.25 hours, and 4+1=5 hours...

anyway. On to some Stefanoisms! (pearls of wisdom from the short italian physicist doomed to (try to) teach us physics labs for crimes unknown.)

I was trying to give you an intuitive explanation, but, it doesn't exist.

and the book, it explains- *pause* no, it does not explain, but, it's an article of faith, which, being Easter...*shrugs*

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