Monday, June 16, 2008

I can has kitteh!

We beat out the other 5 people who had applied for the kitty. I'd have a picture, but he's still wicked* shy and hides under the bed or the couch until about 10pm, when he comes out and wants to play and jumps on the bed and says mjau plaintively because we're not playing with him and tries to eat my plant and sit on my head.

*10 months of living in the Bay Area, and I still have yet to absorb 'hella' into my vocabulary. thank. god. Living in Mass, apparently, made a bigger impression. that's ok. wicked is an acceptable superlative.

so no picture yet of kitteh. now he's pissed off because we trimmed his claws and put on Soft Paws, which are these cool little plastic caps you glue onto their claws so that when they try to claw things they fail. and when they're comfy and happy and to show it they do the 'I'm going to dig-my-claws-through-your-legs-into-your-femur' thing they also fail.

I love the look on Viggo Mortensen-as-Aragorn's face as he faces the horde of Uruk-Hai and orcs at the top of the mountain before they split up the Fellowship. it's all "oh, look, a giant horde of beasties that want to kill me...flippin' sweeeeeet." and the Piratical Elf Boy of Troy is all "what? me? hold off the stream of warbling orcs with blinding fast arrows? no, dude, it's totally not CG. elf's honor."

hung out at the pool (elliot's) with the crew, then got invited to be party crashers for not-dinner (since we'd already eaten and weren't planned-for eaters, y'know) at some of our extra-geeky friends' place in Marin. got to see their new aquarium setup.

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