Saturday, June 07, 2008


might be getting a kitty. went to petsmart for gravel because the undergravel filter in the betta/frog tank went splort (it was nasty. like whoa. congealed algae. ew. that's what 2 days of 80 degrees in old apt did, and what prompted the early move to new apartment.) and paused to look at the kitties that hopalong animal rescue had at the petsmart. six very bouncy kitten-kitties, and a tired, relaxing mama-kitty going 'thank god, the divider's up...' and two teenager kittens that were less acrobatically ADHD than the kitten-kittens, which isn't actually much.

and then there was The Kitty. apparently named Sport, (which won't last long if we actually get to adopt him) he's a very shy, very gorgeous kitteh. looks just like this:only with husky-blue eyes. like a little tiny amur tiger. rarwr.

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