Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok, ok, I get it.

I don't have genetic hypertension, so you, Universe, are intent on inducing it in me via improbable collusions of events.

well, Universe, Murphy, Anti-Karma... it ain't gonna work.

...ok. it might.

At least the cat is medicated now (even though my arms are slowly turning into swiss cheese...stupid cat you're supposed to like the flavor of the goo) and will with luck stop...leaking. even if he did decide to be sick at the worst possible time ever. like the garbage disposal picking a great time to need a $300 upgrade. gah.

Also, Landlords of the world: if you're gonna write a deposit return check, then a) spell the recipient's name right and b) make sure you've got funds to cover it.

Question to the ether: if you incur charges because your ex-landlord's check didn't go through, can you make your ex-landlord pay it? and doesn't a bank kinda have to tell you that a check for you hasn't cleared? and why does the cat keep attacking my laptop?

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