Saturday, June 13, 2009

he's like a mr wizard for food, but extra cheesy.

A curious thing happens when you watch too many episodes of Good Eats. You start to crave everything you see, even things that don't really seem all that appetizing. (like homemade chicken fried steak...three different ways.) And you start to lust after every single gadget. (like cast iron broilers. and mini spatulae. and squeezy plunger beaker meauring cups. and beakers. apartment, marit. small. apart. ment.) And then, you decide that the perfect food to make for dinner tonight is an english rib hungarian goulash...that takes at the minimum something like 10 hours to make...and it's already six o'clock. you briefly consider it anyway.

I call it Food Schizophrenia. I got it bad.

on the plus side, it's keeping me from marching down to my renter's office and demanding money for reparations for all the anguish I've endured dealing with ridiculously fucking shoddy 'renovations' done in my apartment. The painters were clearly trained apes (without the training): my closet doors weren't stripped before they repainted them white, and they didn't take them down when they repainted because there is a strip of old dingy cream hidden above the track, which is also covered in blobs of paint, and the hardware hanging the doors is completely covered with paint so a 2 minute rehanging job turned into 40 solid minutes of angry pounding and drilling...nor were the chipped edges of walls treated before they were repainted, so in places the metal framing edges are covered only by a coat of paint, they painted completely over the fuse box...and I'm pretty sure the walls are painted in primer.

dammit. now I need to go watch more Good Eats.

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