Monday, June 01, 2009

Movies Part Deux.

Night at the Museum 2 is not nearly as entertaining as Night at the Museum. (Also, Amy Adams as Amelia Erhart is kinda creepy.) But sufficently entertaining enough that I didn't fall back on my usual reaction to Ben Stiller. (clawing off my face screaming incoherently Oh God The Pain...although if I'm screaming oh god the pain is it really incoherent? maybe for you. I know I'm showing my alien heritage in expressing that sentiment...but...really...Zoolander. need I say more?)

Star Trek is still pretty freakin' cool. Not as cool on non-Imax (even halfassed Imax), however, so if you can hit up the Imax, do so. you may be able to discern individual nosehairs, but the forebrain will be going "oo....shiny....." enough to make up for it.

Did I see any new previews? um...oh. yeeeees. Hollywood is so starved for ...I don't know what... that they're actually making another alvin and the chimpunks movie. I don't remember anything else, the alvin scared it away.

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