Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Star Trek:
Awesome. Went to a matinee, but would have willingly paid a) actual movie prices b) actual imax prices and even c) actual imax prices at a real imax (not AMC's stupid I'm-an-imax-but-actually-not-really-teehee-suckers) in California. It reminded me of when I was younger and running around with Dithy and Teri debating whether Riker or Picard was better (as I recall Teri voted Riker and Dithy voted Picard) and adding to the Weirdo Chant and all manner of ridiculously awesome things. Am quite willing to see it again.

Terminator Salvation:
Terminatedest? oh wait, that's Die Hardester. Wrong franchise. Pretty good. Although at times I think Christian Bale forgot he wasn't being Batman and started to talk in the Batman voice. I can well understand why he could go into crazy flipout mode, especially during certain scenes. Watching the credits roll in the beginning was sort of entertaining, kind of like when the credits rolled at the end of Star Trek and everyone in the theatre said Winona Ryder?! WTF!? Also: I never ever ever ever want to see the governor of my state bare-ass naked on a giant fucking screen ever again. I don't care if he's digital. EW.

Angels and Demons:
Pretty good. I was very very disappointed when the credits in the beginning were rolling and then the title splash screen came on...and it wasn't the Angels and Demons ambigram. hello? whole damn book is based around ambigrams, and you give me a stupid boring text title? Also, totally gratuitous extended Tom Hanks-in-a-Speedo scene. Dudes. Ew.

In terms of previews:
Public Enemies looks good. (is Christian Bale in every movie?)
O You who are responsible for that heresy that is Sherlock Holmes? you're headed straight to the 9th circle of hell. seriously. Someone find a way to harness the energy caused by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle turning in his grave. Mr Downey Jr? Jeremy Brett is coming for you. he's coming back from the dead for you, and he's going to kick. your. ass. and I'm going to cheer him on. omgwtfbbq. There's not enough -OH groups in the world to make me go see that movie.
Julie and Julia could be entertaining.
The Sandra Bullock movie could also be entertaining. it's quite likely that all the funny bits are in the preview, but they're pretty funny bits.
Night at the Museum could be funny. The first one was surprisingly good, and I am usually heavily allergic to Ben Stiller.
Don't know about Up.
Land Of The Lost: ....Will Farrell...please...go...away...please...
Taking of Pelham 123: ...John Travolta is creeeeeepy.
Year One is another one of those weeeeelll...maybe....could be good, could be Zoolander.

I can't remember any others.

Oh but the nurse on the new showtime tv series? her twin works at one of my hospitals. (yes, *my* hospitals.)

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