Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have abby-someone cats.

Raz: why is box making funny noises?
Jayne: I can't get out of the box!!1! I CAN'T GET...oh wait. I claim this as my box.
Raz: ZOMG strange cat kill-oh, it's you.
Jayne: *bap*
Raz: what's this? I'll bite it. mmm, cardboard. ZOMG STRANGE CAT-oh, it's you.
Jayne: what's that? umf, my box is little. oo, shiny...slobber HEY you bit me.
Raz: now it's my box. can I fit in my box?
Jayne: no, mine.
Raz: MINE.
Jayne: fine, I don't want it anyway.
Raz: well I don't want it more. *huff*

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