Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy 17. mai! know, if I were here right now? it would be a lot cooler. it's about 12 degrees C. (54 ish F.) but probably just as light. even though it's almost 2300.

yay, midnattsolen. also, guess what I love about this weather map-
did you get it? the little partly cloudy symbols change from a sun to a moon as you go further south. ehehehe. also, poor Christian's getting rained on. looks like Kjersti's got sun though.

but yes! happy 17. mai and happy birthday craig ferguson. happy bay to breakers, which apparently this year will not have any nudity or keggers. riiight. I was going to go watch but's hot. way too hot to do anything of substance., the fridge is cold. ok, I can handle that.

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