Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jim Butcher for the win!

you know what totally rocks?

Jim Butcher.
(well, more of a who than a what, but shush.)
To make things more grammatically correct, let's say Jim Butcher's newest Dresden book, Small Favor- although it's not my favorite so far in the series. I plan on rereading, since it was my treat after a) physics midterm OF DOOM and b) taxes OF DOOM and I sort of fell upon it like a drunken moose on a grocery store, and may have missed some of the awesomeness. go read it anyway.
(...I keep trying to type Favors, and I have checked the book reflexively at least three times now in a very small space of time. aaaand we're...moving on.)

anyway. even if it were nothing but Dresden/Thomas slashfic (...shudder...ok, maybe not that far), I would still sing the praises of Jim Butcher, because of this paragraph:

"You don't do oceanography for the money," I said. "And you sure as hell don't take up working with dolphins and whales for the vast paycheck and the company car." I shook my head. "They love them. Someone's gone in every day. They'll at least have broken a foot trail."

Uh huh. That's right.

Dresden's rocking the oceanography love. I may have indulged in a girly cry of glee. I may have refused to explain to The Boy why. I may disavow all knowledge of girly cries of glee in the future. I may reread the book tomorrow instead of studying for my organic chemistry quiz.

oh, shush. it's all NMR. (or as my class calls it, NMFR...Not More Freaking spectRoscopy.) not only have we had it drilled in our brains from first semester, but...I had Brad at Luther. the NMR penguins are permanently attached to the iceberg. I could have total long-term amnesia and I would still be able to do NMR problems. OChem + Luther = ouch.

besides. dresden. oceanography. love.

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