Thursday, April 24, 2008

portable explosion-proof lights.

chalk one up for "things I didn't know existed but clearly must have*," don't you think?

also: in the "things I didn't know existed but now wish I still didn't" category: um, ew.

and: the newest winner of the "worst idea ever" award is Monovision.

about to head out for bike ride. cleaned out the fishtanks. Seneca and Cicero 2.0 and Aurelius and the ENTs are doing well, although I'm starting to think that Cicero is a bad name for a fish, because he's got a funky growth eating his face, probably from chewing on the sad little gimpy fish that had fin rot before I got him into a hospital tank. although the other two don't seem to be having troubles, so maybe it's just the Curse of the Name.
and yes, it is 'fishes' and not 'fish' because two different species are involved in that paragraph. take that, o ex-college-advisor, you!

writing your own lace pattern = brain go ouch.
I have a fuzzy glittery soft yarn that is screaming a friend's name and another yarn that is also shrieking that same friend's name, but is a thread-type yarn, and the fuzzy yarn is more like a handspun or thick worsted, and sufficiently fuzzy to totally consume the other when knit together. this has foiled my plans considerably. any ideas?
I'm not going to get into '-er' vs 're.' Fibre looks better. So does theatre. and....uh...Look! Shiny!

Boo. Time to leave for Physics, since I have to drop my bike off at Missing Link to get my warranty started. woo. hoo.

*that's have as in 'possess', not have as in 'must have (known existed)'. it's the imperative, not the pluperfect. or is that a subjunctive? ...okay, so maaaybe using Cicero's De Natura Deorum to combat physics is not the wisest of ideas. hush.

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Anonymous said...

Bless you -- the first time I've laughed tonight. Here's to Cicero!