Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Marmot...

...can't come to the blog right now, she's climbing a clock tower.

(that's not entirely correct, of course, she's actually climbing into the bathtub with her homemade dose of -OH's.)

fill glass with ice.
add 2 shots of espresso.
add 2 shots homemade marquesan vanilla vodka (shush, I have earned it, and it'll cancel out the espresso so that I can go to bed before 0200.)
fill to top of glass with cream.


Not so in line with my 'eat smart' current philosophy, but then I'm not drinking this every day, and since all I've eaten today is a cup of greek yogurt (take that yoplait-that-makes-me-hungry-again-in-an-hour!), a muffin, a sugarless hard candy from the doctor's office, and the wonderful orchard blended iced beverage from Whole Foods Market that is now retired for the season (SAD!), I think I'm ok with some calories.

Although I am going to make a sandwich before I hit the tub.

Which I'm doing now.

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