Wednesday, September 30, 2009

theraflu-induced randomness.

1) Mixed Berry with green tea and menthol Theraflu is more awful than normal Theraflu. I know, I know, I didn't think it was possible either. but trust me. Homeland Security, I got your new interrogation method right here.

2) I hate it when you're sick, so you take a sick day* at work, and then you wake up and you feel way better at noon-ish, so you think yeah, hey, awesome, I'll be back at work tomorrow, and then at 1500 suddenly you're back to sinus migrane of DEATH and taking the fucking recycling down and checking the mail makes you collapse back on the couch in exhaustion, and then you have to call in to work again for another sick day and you can feel the " it swine flu?" that's unasked and to make matters worse...'s time for more Mixed Berry Theraflu.

3) being mostly-catatonic has, though, given me a great gift: I finally got around to watching Glee.

seriously, the hours I spent going "meh, not so interested" are hours that I regret. deeply. I was never in a glee club (did Wayzata even have one?) but musical theatre is something I was raised on. you know in shows when people randomly break out in song? it took me an embarassingly long time to realize that normal people's parents don't sing phrases from musical of various obscurity in most situations. if no one else watches this show, my parents have to. the only downside to this is that I can't watch it with The Boy without sending him running for the hills.
(also, I've received the inability to type correctly. sheesh. dextromethorphan HBr and phenylephrine HCl and acetaminophen aren't altering drugs (besides, you know, sleepy-time), but you wouldn't know it by my typing skills)

4) New Dexter spot: artful cinematography paired with what song? Under Pressure.

this is why I love that show.


6) Things Mawit Saw At Folsom:

Rainbow Brite (so not kidding.)
Guy Wearing a Snake (...only a snake.)
Guy Wearing a Hijab (...only a hijab.)
some really bad corsetry
some really good corsetry
lots of leather (well, duh.)
lots of nudity (also, duh.)
several small children (so not duh. really? yes, I understand, america is a little overly puritanical (ok, a lot) in some regards but...bob ditter says no!)
but the best thing was the XKCD tshirt on the guy wearing an interesting pair of pants.

7) the designers of the Breeze litterbox deserve sainthood. no kidding. by all rights should be stinkier than the lidded boxes we had been using (since they're open to the air) and granted, when Raz (who nearly got renamed Gollum/Smeagol) decides to leave us a present it's biohazard-worthy, but he actually usually succeeds in burying it and then we scoop it out (cause we don't have to fight with a lid and just scoop and dump) and then hey presto no stinky. and the pee goes down into a chuk and you don't change that for a week and it magically doesn't stink. Best. Litterbox. Ever.

8) I love Neil Patrick Harris.

9) Tsunami Watches are pretty boring, actually, which makes me sad that more people are talking about tsunami watch in the east bay than actual tsunami-earthquake-utter-destruction in Samoa.

10) Jayne is currently stalking an invisible critter that had damn well better not be a moth, because...well, it just better not be one.

11) every time I watch NCIS:LA I think of Katy because it's Chris O'Donnell. and good show, but...what's with the Incredibles lady?

12) Braid is an awesome game. if you've got an Xbox, you should buy Braid. so worth it. although if you play it for too long your brain goes splerkutyblip.


Brittany said...

duuude dextromethorphan HBr in higher doses can be dissociative psychedelic! it could explain your typing inability. And this Folsom event sounds quite ridic. A man wearing only a hijab...i wonder what he's trying to say. I bet he looked totally silly too. Lastly, BRAID! you love braid too?!? about best puzzle game awesomeness ever! i wish we could have a braid party...

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Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel