Sunday, September 06, 2009

chick-en. good!

otherwise known as...comic day!

Good, good book!
what's it about?
everything under the sun! did you know for example that alcohol is a waste product? all alcohol is made of small organisms that eat sugar and crap alcohol!
good, good book!

oh, xkcd. how is it that you almost perfectly understand my brain?

why does metal feel colder to the touch then wood when they're both outside?
they have different abilities to hold warmth. metal, being colder than your skin, transfers heat faster away from your hand and feels very cold to touch. wood is a bad heat transferer, and takes longer to steal your warmth. that's why it feels warmer to touch!
don't you believe me? she doesn't believe me! it's true!
wolf, wolf...
Study again? Pff! If I could go to Hogwarts as Harry Potter and learned magic, I'd have applied there! I would have been able to learn to fly and such! -But to sit still and learn boring things and not be able to glue anyone to their chairs because you're over 20? No thanks! I can't imagine going back to school again. I am after all a grownup.

did you read...
don't you think...
hush, you!
seriously. shut up.
I just...
if you force me to discuss the news in these days, you have to pay for my therapy afterwards.

did you know that KISS have made KISS-coffins?
eeeew...Do you know what kind of coffin you want?
Cyan, now...
morbid subject, sorry.
it's not that. I just thought it was obvious. I want a treasure chest, of course.
of course.

(lik = corpse, kiste = chest, skatte = treasure, so coffin = corpse chest, see?)

you musn't say I'm sorry all the time.
I'm sorry.
I mean it! it takes a lot of courage to ask for forgiveness when you've done something wrong, but it's self-deprecating to say it too much!
I'm s- Shaddup.
wise girl.
With ninjalike invisiblity she sneaks herself gradually closer...her sleeping target notices nothing.

Ow. What's this? today's newspaper? aha. I must have bought it on the way home. But what is this? Toast in the newspaper? aha. I must have made it. What's this now? there's been a robbery at a Burger King? ...aha...

What happened?
I heard sounds and my imagination ran away from's easy to see things when you're in the woods. ...but it was only a guy who wanted to try to rob us. I kicked him in the balls and took his knife. he's not coming back.
...what were you afraid it would be?
the purple teletubby.

from blip. been there.

that's gonna be expensive.

and lastly, go HERE. now. but only if your sound is up and you're not at work. or in a meeting.

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